What Does it Mean to Have an Online Games Addiction?

As the diagnosis and treatment of online games addiction becomes more acceptable within medical circles, more studies will focus on the use of the online medium. This environment is convenient, affordable, and non-face-to-face, as well as nonalienating and non-stigmatizing. It is also the perfect place to begin the conversation about gaming addiction. But what does it mean to have an online gaming addiction? Here are some of the facts about gaming addiction.

Neurobiological basis of online gaming addiction

The neurobiological basis of online gaming addiction is still unclear. The addiction to video games is closely linked to brain structural and functional changes, which are associated with substance abuse. In a systematic review, neuro-imaging techniques and studies on Internet Gaming Disorder were compared. There are common factors in the development of videogame addiction, and genetics may also play a role. Several researchers believe that a similar neurobiological pathway underlies substance addiction and online gaming addiction.

Flow theory

In the past decade, researchers have examined the influence of social meaning on game addictive behavior. The social meaning theory only describes the game playing experience, without clarifying the causal scheme. The flow theory, on the other hand, can explain game addictive behavior from the standpoint of causes, effects, melbet and constructive consequences. The study’s findings provide a foundation for further investigations. It could help explain why some people are more likely to develop game addiction than others.

Humanistic needs theory

The Humanistic needs theory of online games addiction proposes that gamers use online games to satisfy their basic psychological needs. The theory is similar to selfdetermination theory. It emphasizes that satisfaction of our basic psychological needs can lead to positive outcomes. These needs include autonomy, competence, belongingness, and esteem. Online games can provide the same gratification that face-to-face social interaction cannot, thus fulfilling our basic psychological needs.


If you are interested in gaming, you may have noticed that MMORPGs are highly addictive. In fact, many players are unable to quit the game when the time comes. A typical addict will be so into the game that they will choose it over their

responsibilities or other hobbies, resulting in a distorted view of reality. An addicted gamer will also find it difficult to separate their online experience from their real life, resulting in ruined days and even broken possessions.


An Internet gaming disorder can cause serious emotional and social problems. It can even cause significant damage to relationships and career opportunities. Only those types of games that do not involve gambling are included in the disorder, so sexual websites and Internet gaming addiction are not included. Treatments for Internet gaming disorder usually include both traditional and alternative treatments. Treatment for Internet gaming addiction includes various forms of therapy, such as music, dance, art, and writing. These therapies often involve activities other than online games, such as outdoor activities, outdoor sports, or wildlife conservation.