Tribulations of a Soccer fan in America


I started playing soccer ten years ago. It all started at 16 years old and has continued to this day. My friend took me to a soccer practice at an empty field. I was skeptical about the sport, but I grew to love it. I started playing soccer with strangers almost every weekend and found that I loved the sport, despite the losses.

Conflicts with non-American soccer fans

As an American soccer fan, I find it frustrating that people from other countries treat us with disrespect for our enthusiasm. People from countries that are big on soccer feel the need to remind us Americans of our poor soccer leagues and weak world cup teams. These seemingly innocent comments still cause me to feel insecure as a soccer fan, especially since I don’t have many other www spbo com indonesia soccer fans. I began to root for other countries than my own. To give you an indication of my patriotism, I supported Japan and Spain at the last world cup. While I still enjoy rooting on teams, it hasn’t helped that American soccer teams aren’t strong enough to win this world cup. The exception being the women’s team. Because the MLS isn’t a good league, it doesn’t make me want support any American teams.

American Soccer: A Condescending View

Many Americans don’t enjoy playing or watching soccer. They also enjoy other sports, including the three major ones, which are football, basketball, and baseball. They aren’t interested in any other sports, which is unfortunate because soccer is so popular all over the world except America. It’s also sad to see that Americans would prefer to play another sport. In America, soccer is considered a women’s game. It may also be seen as something you have outgrown as you move from middle school to highschool. It is a huge difference to see soccer as an American and soccer as a foreigner from another country. American soccer fans are less likely to respect it as they should.

There are not enough fans

It’s rare to find people in America who are interested in discussing soccer. Talking about soccer, training and my favorite teams is something I enjoy. Because no one knows what you’re talking about, it is impossible to talk about these teams in a cafe or pub. There are also places where you can just walk in and discuss basketball, baseball, or football. These bars are designed to accommodate all types of sports with the exception of soccer.

The Future