Top Five Online Games Without Flash

There are many types of games you can play online without flash players. Puzzle games, racing games, car games, and turn-based strategy games are just a few of the genres that are available to you. The list of available games is ever-growing, but a few of them are worth mentioning here. Listed below are the top five games available to play online without flash players. Try one out and see what you think!

Maya Pyramid Solitaire

You can play Maya Pyramid Solitaire online games without flash by visiting a site that provides this html5 card game. Similar to its Pyramid Solitaire counterpart, players must form card pyramids that add up to 11. The deck of 42 cards contains a joker and a ten. A set of 24 or 26 help cards is used to assist players. Each card has a different number of moves and must be used wisely.

Earn to Die

You can play Earn to Die in Online Games Without Flash if you do not have a flash player installed on your computer. This is a fun, action-packed game where you have to escape the zombies by driving through the countryside. You have to avoid zombies and other hazards, and upgrade your vehicle to win the game. Earn to Die is available for both Windows and Mac OS. However, the online version of this game is not compatible with Mac OS X, so you will have to use an alternative browser to play the game.


There are some fun online helicopter games out there. Whether you’re looking for a helicopter game to kill time or a simple flight simulation, copter games are a great choice. They’re free to play and require no installation. You can even play them with your browser. Copter games can betboo played in a word version, if you prefer. In this game, you’ll be controlling a small chopper and flying it up and down. To move around, simply hold and release your mouse button.

Sports Mahjong

You can play Sports Mahjong online games without flash if you don’t have a computer with Adobe Flash Player. This online game features a sports theme and tiles that represent basketball, baseball, and snowboarding. The game has several different start layouts and is played in classic solitaire style. If you’re looking for an interesting and challenging online game without Flash, Sports Mahjong is the perfect choice.

Earn to Die unblocked game

If you enjoy speed games, you’ll love Earn to Die unblocked online game. This game allows you to simulate an Apocalyptic world where you have to survive the zombie outbreak by driving a car and dealing with different hazards. It was developed using WebGL technology, which means it will work with any modern browser. The more money you earn, the better upgrades and vehicles you can buy. And because you’ll have to travel a long way, you’ll need to plan out your route carefully and make sure you make the right amount of time for each leg of the journey.